The Big Five Factors for Marketing

Automated by Artificial Intelligence

Individual psychological traits like impulsiveness significantly influence a person’s buying choices.
For decades, we have known that, but the challenge was identifying these different buyer types and targeting them accordingly.

In three field experiments that reached over 3.5 million individuals with psychologically tailored advertising, we find that matching the content of persuasive appeals to individuals’ psychological characteristics significantly altered their behavior as measured by clicks and purchases. Persuasive appeals that were matched to people’s extraversion or openness-to-experience level resulted in up to 40% more clicks and up to 50% more purchases than their mismatching or unpersonalized counterparts.”

S.G. Matz, M. Kosinski, G. Nave and D. J. Stillwell. 2017

The big five psychological traits, also known as OCEAN, give marketers the tools to access these underlying traits.

  • Openness to experience: inventive/curious vs. consistent/cautious
  • Conscientiousness: efficient/organized vs. extravagant/careless
  • Extraversion: outgoing/energetic vs. solitary/reserved
  • Agreeableness: friendly/compassionate vs. critical/rational
  • Neuroticism: sensitive/nervous vs. resilient/confident

Access the Big Five Ocean personality traits of your customer segments automatically!

Ocean - Big FiveMnemonic AI enables marketeers to use insights about the big five factors seamlessly in their marketing, accessing the traits without any tests or surveys! Leveraging deep learning and Natural Language Processing, Mnemonic scores your customers reliable and on scale.

And not only that – attached is a recommendation engine that tells you precisely what ad types will perform best for these customer segments.

Our research shows that you can increase the ad clicks by factor 10 if the ad type is targeted towards the psychological traits of your potential customers.

Focusing on your customer’s dominant psychological trait, targeted wording, and visuals increase the probability of conversions and significantly nurture a long-standing relationship!

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