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What is your brand’s personality?

Brand voice, brand imagery, and identity all boil down to your brand personality.
Brand personality is often described as a set of human characteristics attributed to a brand. Sounds complicated, but here is an easy example:

Would you prefer to drink a beer with Apple or with Harley Davidson?

Even if you neither own some Milwaukee steel nor Cupertino silicon, you immediately have an image in your head. You have an idea how the night will turn out. You have questions: Does Apple drink beer at all? Will one beer with Harley turn into a week-long bender?

You have these associations because both brands have their brand personality nailed down to the nines.
Especially Apple is an excellent example of how they give their customers a way to connect on all different levels: Think different!

Start optimizing your brand personality

Above the Noise

All brands face the same challenge:
How to rise above the noise and clutter of competitors. How to create a unique brand personality that stands out and resonates with your customers?
Do customers get our values and what we are trying to do?

cross channel assessment of personality

History is full of examples of brands that had superior products but went under and lost to inferior products of brands that connected with customers on a whole different level.
This is one of the most frustrating experiences as a brand: Your product specs shoot the competitor out of the water, but the customers are indifferent.

What do you think your brand represents?

Excitement: Carefree, spirited, and youthful
Sincerity: Kindness, thoughtfulness, and an orientation toward family values
Ruggedness: Rough, tough, outdoorsy, and athletic
Competence: Successful, accomplished, and influential, highlighted by leadership
Sophistication: Elegant, prestigious, and sometimes even pretentious

Want to know how off you are?

What you think your brand personality is like and how do customers perceive what you put out there?

The Process

Mnemonic AI uses deep neural networks, generally known as artificial intelligence, to measure your brand’s personality on five scientific trait scales and compare them to competitor and potential customer personality traits.

Having your customers understand why you are different, what values your brand lives, and how you are above your competitors is an easy process:

  • 1. Channel Selection

    Choose the channels you want to measure your brand personality.

  • 2. Analysis

    Mnemonic AI analyses your brand personality in seconds

  • 3. Alignment

    Align your brand personality to your customer’s expectations

  • 4. Rise Above

    Rise above the competition

Benefits of aligned Brand Personality

  • Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. (Forbes)
  • 64% of women and 68% of men have emotionally connected with a brand. (Consumer Thermometer)
  • 59% of shoppers prefer to buy new products from the brands they trust. (Invesp)
  • Consistently presented brands are 3.5 times more likely to enjoy excellent brand visibility than those with an inconsistent brand presentation. (Demand Metric)
  • 86% of consumers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality on social networks. (Hubspot)
  • 43% of customers spend more money on brands they are loyal to. (Fundera)
  • 89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values. (Fundera)
  • 94% of people said they’d be highly likely to recommend a brand they were emotionally engaged with. (Gensler)

Not communicating with customers on a personal level makes your brand interchangeable. Customers forget that you exist the second they click on a competing product. Losing out on emotional and personal connections can become expensive.

Are people getting your brand?

Find out now!

Holistic Brand Personality

At Mnemonic, we follow a holistic approach. Customers get confused when a brand is that edgy, cool, new kid on the block while on TikTok and all business when posting to Facebook. And don’t get us started on emails and ad copy…

With Mnemonic, you can measure each channel, each ad copy, and each posting on social on congruence with your strived-for brand personality.

personality alignment

Unify your brand personality

One source of truth how customers perceive your brand. Measure and improve your alignment with your potential buyers and efficiently share your brand’s values across all channels.

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