Persona creation as a service for agencies

Start using personas for your clients in an instant.
Let artificial intelligence do the heavy lifting and enjoy the benefits of personas for your work, fully automated.

Go beyond basic personas

Our personas provide you with sociological, psychological, behavioral, and emotional information about what really drives your customers.
Digging deeper and providing you with more information than ever before!

Say goodbye to basic segmentation!
Hello, in-depth insights on every level of human behavior!

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See how other marketers use our personas to increase PPC campaigns by 184% Revenue, +19.62 ROAS, -88% Cost per Click.

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End-to-end automation workflows for your PPC campaigns!
Let personas drive your campaigns fully automated by AI.
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Save Time & Money

Mnemonic AI generates personas at a fraction of the time and cost involved. Your new personas are merely a click away.

Free up time of your marketeers and let them do what they are best at.

No data - no problem!

Mnemonic’s deep neural networks work on publicly available data as well as internal data.

White Label Solution

All personas provided by Mnemonic AI are white label. You can use them freely in your CI to meet the look and feel of your agency.
You choose how you want to receive the personas, plain text, PDF, or JSON.

How does it work?

Mnemonic AI developed a set of deep neural networks that take over the whole persona creation process. Data cleaning and preprocessing, analyzing the data, and writing the actual personas – everything is done by artificial intelligence. AI creates even the persona pictures.

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Download a sample of our AI-generated personas and see what you can expect!

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