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Customer Intelligence Supercharged

Fully automated & dynamically updated

100s of brands use Mnemonic AI to better understand their customers

Clients achieve up to 400% conversion uplift by applying our insights!

Are you also striving for more growth by better understanding and serving your customers?

But you struggle like many with:

  • Lack of resources
  • Data management capabilities
  • Information overload
  • Understanding and weighing relevancy

Meet your customer-centricity AI

Based on public and internal data sources, the AI provides actionable intelligence about your customers and brands.

Understand their needs, pain points, preferences, emotions, personalities, triggers, and importance to supercharge your customer experience.

Easily processed. Fully automated. Accurate. 100% data-driven.

Customer Archetypes

Receive dynamic & data-driven personas

No more templates. No more guesswork. No more bias.
Receive data-driven personas that answer all relevant questions about your customers to drive sales and increase retention without any manual work involved.
Customer Personalities

Understand your customers before you meet them

Receive your consumers’ personalities and understand their behavior, preferences, motivations, and habits. Psychological targeting is a proven approach to persuasion and can easily double conversion rates.
Brand Personality

Measure your brand personality

Understand the characteristics that are atributed to your brand, compare them across all channels and match them with your customers to build a strong and consistent brand.

Want an overview of how it looks in reality?

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The process


Data Gathering
Acting as a web listening tool the AI searches for public data such as social, reviews or blogs to gather all relevant information.


Data Enrichment If available, integrate additional internal data sources such as Web Analytics, CRM data, Email…


The neural networks analyze the data and connect the dots.


You are notified once your insights are ready.


Use the insights to revolutionize your customer experience.

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Turn the insights into action

Understand your customer

Identify and evaluate your customer segments fully automated and uncover all the vital information you need.

Save time and resources

Instead of guessing, extensive research and data analysis receive insights without any manual workd involved.

Drive sales and retention

Get the customers you want, personalize the communication, close deals faster, and crush your revenue goals.

Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that aren't. Become one of them!

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