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The Perfect Persona

How do you create the perfect persona?

24 Persona Stats

24 stats you need to know, if you plan on using personas!

B2B Personas

What makes B2B personas special? A comprehensive guide!

14 Persona Myths - Debunked!

14 persona myths that a hard to kill. Do not fall for these!

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Case Study: AI Personas and Programmatic Ads

How efficient are AI personas when used for programmatic ads? Pretty efficient as we learned during our case study. Read More

Talk at Google Austin about Security and LLMs

When working with LLMs data security is paramount. But LLMs themselves pose a new category of risks. Hear Phil talk at Google Austin about how security in the age of Gen AI can look like. Read More

Talk at St. Edwards University about Neuroscience and AI

We truly work interdiciplinary. To give computer science students and idea how that looks between neuroscience and AI, we will be giving a talk at St. Eds in Austin. Read More

Data Sources for the Digital Twin

Which data sources can be used in the Digital Twin of the Customer. Short answer: All. This article goes into details. Read More

Case Study: Becoming a love brand

Case study with the Fresenius University: Brand and customer personality as key for multisensory in-store marketing for premium clothing brands. Read More

Introducing: The Digital Twin

Mnemonic AI introduces the Digital Twin of The Customer! A virtual representation of your customers'. Impersonation, BI analyzes, ad copy. Read More