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  • Fully automated
  • No manual work involved
  • 100% Data Driven
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Personas on autopilot!
Your customers change? So do your personas.
Automated with the power of AI.

Dynamic Personas

Do you still sell to the same customers from four years ago? No? So why do you still use your outdated personas to address users?
Nearly half of surveyed organizations update their personas in a time span ranging from 1 to four years, with 26% taking 5 years or longer to update them.
Unsurprisingly, teams who update their personas quarterly or even more frequently saw the biggest impact on creating a better user experience.

Your business changes, your competitor landscape changes, even your products change. Stay ahead of the curve with dynamically updated personas, that update while your business changes.

No more expensive and time-consuming interviews. No more digging through data. No more bias in surveys and guesswork.
Generate dynamic personas with the help of AI.

AI generated personas

Our AI understands human language and combs through surveys, reviews, documents and social media to gather important insights within all that noise.
Adding numerical data to the mix and analyzing meta information Mnemonic AI creates personas at the product, service or organization level.

PPC Personas

Download Example Persona

Download an anonymized sample persona, to see what you get from Mnemonic AI.

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    In-depth actionable insight

    Following US-psychologist Paul Eckman, our systems can break every utterance, every snippet of text down into a distribution of eight basic emotions humans express.
    Don`t focus polarities, learn which aspects of your products or services create joy and trust. Be informed on features that generate anger or distrust for your personas and why they love you ❤.

    Don’t miss out!

    End-to-end automation workflows for your PPC campaigns!
    Let personas drive your campaigns fully automated by AI.
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    Persona creation has never been easier

    Save time and staff hours!

    staff hours used for persona creation.

    No more guesswork!

    % of organizations do not use a data driven approach to create personas due to higher time investment.

    Crafting personas

    The traditional process of crafting personas is a time consuming one. It involves analyses of internal data, surveys of prospects and customers sprinkled with exhausting sessions of brain storming across different departments.
    Depending on size of company staff hours mount up to over 100 hours spent on persona generation.

    Fully automated and 100% data-driven personas

    With the power of artificial intelligence creating personas is now easy, quick, and affordable.
    Based on best-in-class deep neural networks Mnemonic AI generalizes archetypes of your different customers, with all the vital info about what makes them tick.
    Mnemonic AI analyses publicly available data and internal data and extracts the crucial insights to generate personas for your product, service, or organization.

    Mnemonic AI processes

    Internal Data

    • Surveys
    • Interviews
    • CRM
    • eMail
    • Web Analytics
    • Call Logs

    External Data

    • Social
    • Reviews
    • Third Party

    Automated persona generation

    Automated persona creation, adapting to change dynamically!
    Stop wasting hundreds of staff hours and start optimizing your efforts with buyer personas.

    Persona Creation F.A.Q.

    What are Personas?

    Every business needs to be customer centric, but how to achieve it?
    Buyer personas are a powerful tool to develop a deep understanding of your customers and what makes them tick.
    In contrast to target audiences, that average over a large pool of consumers, personas give your customers a voice, a face and a background story.
    What drives consumers to your brand and products? What are their challenges?
    Personas function as representations of a segment of your users, with similar behaviors, beliefs, goals and motivations.
    So your persona Frank Football-Fan is not a real person but gives your users realistic characteristics.