Mnemonic AI Customer Intelligence

A New Generation

Of Customer Intelligence

Mnemonic AI was founded to give organizations the tools to improve their understanding and messaging. People are tired of mass mailings, untargeted ads, and undirected messages. It is just too much that keeps on hammering on every single one of us.

Organizations of all sizes benefit from better customer understanding. At the end of the day, every prospect, every customer, every advertising target, every recipient of an outreach, is a human with their own beliefs, personality, and values.

Mnemonic AI develops artificial intelligence solutions to help organizations of all sizes better understand individuals, and tailor messages to their state of mind.

Next generation customer intelligence.

Buyer Persona Creation

100% data-driven

No more guess work. All personas are created 100% data-driven with AI.

Fully automated

Mnemonic AI creates marketing and buyer personas with artificial intelligence. No manual data wrangling - everything fully automated.


Mnemonic AI detects changes in your customer data and updates the personas automatically. No more outdated personas!

Digital Twin of the Customer

Virtual Customers

A complete virtual twin of your customers. Ask them anything you would want to know from your customers.


Driven by Mnemonic's advanced psycographic analyses, the digital twin impersonates your customers with wants, needs, and personal values.

100% data-driven

No hallucination. All answers are grounded in data.

What our clients

Think about us

Real reviews from our clients.

Christopher M. - CRO Expert

"The personas created by Mnemonic AI were much better than anything that has come out before even in large persona creation projects. I would recommend Mnemonic AI to anyone looking for advanced customer intelligence."

Oriquida H. - Customer Analytics Manager

"Mnemonic's ability to easily and quickly collect, analyze, and interpret customer data and consequently provide deep insights, helps organizations to strive with informed decision-making."

Paulina S. - Small Business Owner

"Not only are the personas created by the AI on point but foremost is it the best customer intelligence solution I used thus far."


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