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Advertising is broken

Advertising systems are cluttered with options. Tracking relies on cookie technology from the last century.
Customers’ opinions change incredibly fast. Sometimes it feels like you need a computer science, psychology, and marketing degree simultaneously to get a campaign off the ground. Just to see the ROI crumble by costs and not converting customers.

We have been there. Marketing should be a fun, creative way to tell your customers how great your product is.
Mnemonic AI was created to put the fun back into Marketing.

100s of Brands use Mnemonic AI to better understand their Customers

Next Gen Customer Intelligence

Users see over 3000 ads per day for relevant and irrelevant products. Only the best ads, and the best website content targeted specifically to users, have a chance to be heard.
Not being heard and seen is the harshest fate for marketing: Ad ROI shrinks and customers start feeling a brand is irrelevant and out of touch.
Mnemonic AI leverages the power of deep neural networks to decipher what customers really want and how you can propel your outreach to the next level. Start understanding your customers on an entirely new level.

buyer personas

AI-generated Personas

No more templates. No more guesswork. No more bias.
Receive profound & data-driven personas without any manual work involved. Get the answers to all relevant questions about your customers to drive sales and increase retention.

Customer Personality

Personality is hardwired into our brains. It determines how we react to stimuli, be it a face, a picture, and of course marketing messages. Based on the Big 5 personality model (OCEAN), our AI analyzes the personality of your clients and gives recommendations on how to address them.

ocean traits

Brand Personality

How is your brand perceived? How does it differ from competitors? Is it aligned to your customers?
Mnemonic AI’s brand personality analysis answers these questions and tests the alignment to your customers. Across channels and segments.

Our team required data analysis of customer comparables with extremely challenging timelines. Mnemonic delivered us precision customer insights while delivering well within our company’s deadline requirements. Our team could not have achieved our 2022 pipeline numbers without their execution. I highly recommend them!

James McRoberts

James McRoberts
Chairman & Co-Founder Aston Technologies, Inc.

The Process

  • 1. Data

    Mnemonic AI is source agnostic. Our system connects to your data sources. Web Analytics, Survey, Interviews, Email, Call-Logs, and publicly available data.

  • 2. Analysis

    Our artificial intelligence analyzes your data and connects the dots.

  • 3. Revolutionize

    Revolutionize your outreach with AI recommendations.

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