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Mnemonic AI creates buyer personas fully automated based on public and internal data and answers all essential questions about your customers.

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Who are they?

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ personalities, lifestyles, and daily activities.

What drives them?

Uncover the specific challenges that each persona faces and tailor your solutions to address their needs precisely.

How can you help them?

Receive valuable insights into the essential needs of different customer groups and identify what they require from your offerings.

What are they feeling?

Recognize your customers’ emotions concerning your product and directly engage with them in your communication.

How important are they?

Attain a clear understanding of the varying importance of customer segments, empowering you to strategically allocate resources.

How to reach them?

Target customers based on their interests, preferred ad types and channels, connecting with them on an individual and customized level.

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“ I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the buyer personas delivered by Mnemonic AI. The level of detail and insight provided goes above and beyond what I expected.”

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    Buyer Persona Definition

    What are Personas? Every business needs to be customer-centric, but how to achieve it?
    Buyer personas are a powerful tool for developing a deep understanding of your customers and what makes them tick. In contrast to target audiences that average over a large pool of consumers, personas give your customers a voice, a face, and a background story. What drives consumers to your brand and products? What are their challenges? Personas represent a segment of your users with similar needs, pain points, personalities, behaviors, beliefs, goals, and motivations.

    Persona Creation F.A.Q.

    What data can be used?
    Mnemonic AI is source agnostic, so various data sources can be used. We either generate personas based on publicly available data, internal data, or a combination of both. The initial data review is free of charge.

    How long does it take?
    Personas are delivered within 72 hours.

    In what format do I receive the personas?
    You decide how you would like to receive the personas. Options include print-ready PDF to give to your colleagues or JSON objects via REST API for further use in your internal systems.

    What does it cost?
    The cost per persona is between 800 and 1100 USD. Discounts for bulk orders may apply.

    How many personas do I get?
    Generally, you can define the persona amount. However, it is highly dependent on the data available, the product itself, and how distinct the personas should be.

    Take the guesswork out of persona creation

    Personas help businesses from strategic to tactical decisions. For even more insights, you can use Personality Trait detection and recommendation. .
    Imagine: Your competitors still try to figure out how to write the ad copy, what images to use, and are video ads really better than text ads?
    You have already updated the personas with one click and have the most current insights. No punches pulled as you outperform them in every aspect!

    Data Formats

    Mnemonic AI is source agnostic. The data pre-processing and cleaning systems can intake CSV, JSON, relational databases or tap into APIs.

    Internal Data

    • Surveys
    • Interviews
    • CRM
    • Email
    • Web Analytics
    • Call Logs

    External Data

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • Reviews
    • Third Party Databases