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Persona Creation

Fully automated & 100% data-driven
100s of brands use Mnemonic AI to better understand their customers

Personas have been the gold standard for years to gain deep customer insights. Good personas shed light on the needs and wants of different customers. 90% of organizations create a better understanding of their buyers and tuning their strategies to them by using personas.

But persona creation is hard work for many reasons:

  • Time consuming data gathering and analysis
  • Need for analytical expertise
  • Lack of data and resources
  • Lack of dynamic insights
  • Relying on guess work
  • Weighing information relevance
We have the solution for you!

Your persona creation AI

The AI creates a crystal clear overview of your audiences and answers all essential questions about your customer in a fully automated and dynamic manner.
AI generated personas

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Persona components

Identify your most important customer clusters and answer all relevant questions about them.

persona bio

Who are they?

Demographics: Better categorize and target your customers.

Context: Make your customers tangible and understand why they are considering your product or service.

Personality: Understand their personalities’ strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, ideal surroundings and address them in a tailormade way.

How you can reach them?

How can you reach them?
Ad Recommendation: Understand what ad types work best for the different customer segments

Communication Recommendation: Understand their information and communication preferences.

Personal Interests: Understand the context of their interest and reach them on a personal and specific level.

How you can help them?

How can you help them?

Triggers and Go-Tos: Highlight the essential product features for the different customer segments and cut through the noise.

What drives them?

Individual needs: Uncover the context and drivers why this particular persona is interested in your product.

What do they feel?

How do they feel?
Emotion Detection: Understand your customers’ emotions towards your product and brand.

How important are they?

How important are they?
Representativeness: Define the size and importance of different customer clusters, to better allocate priorities, resources, and budgets.

B2B Persona

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The process

Just a few clicks and your data-driven and dynamic personas are ready to make you a customer intelligence superhero!


Data Gathering
Acting as a web listening tool the AI searches for public data such as social, reviews or blogs to gather all relevant information.


Data Enrichment
If available, integrate additional internal data sources such as Web Analytics, CRM data, Email…


The neural networks analyze the data and connect the dots.


Your personas are ready within 72 hours.


Use the insights to revolutionize your customer experience


Update your personas at any time to stay on top of changes

Data Formats

Mnemonic AI is source agnostic. The data pre-processing and cleaning systems can intake csv, JSON, relational databases or tap into APIs.

Internal Data

External Data

Become the customer intelligence superhero of your organization!

Align your marketing with your personas and see instant results like our customers:

184% Revenue, +19.62 ROAS, -88% Cost per Click,

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Persona Creation FAQ

What data can be used?

Mnemonic AI is source agnostic, so various data sources can be used. We either generate personas based on publicly available data, internal data, or a combination of both. The initial data review is free of charge.

What does it cost?

The cost per persona is between 800 and 1100 USD. Discounts for bulk orders may apply.

How long does it take?

Personas are delivered within 72 hours.

How many personas do i get?

Generally, you can define the persona amount. However, it is highly dependent on the data available, the product itself, and how distinct the personas should be.

In what format do i receive the personas?

You decide how you would like to receive the personas. Options include print-ready PDF to give to your colleagues or JSON objects via REST API for further use in your internal systems.
What are Personas?

Buyer and Marketing Personas

What are Personas? Every business needs to be customer-centric, but how to achieve it?
Buyer personas are a powerful tool to develop a deep understanding of your customers and what makes them tick. In contrast to target audiences that average over a large pool of consumers, personas give your customers a voice, a face, and a background story. What drives consumers to your brand and products? What are their challenges? Personas function as representations of a segment of your users with similar behaviors, beliefs, goals, and motivations. So your persona Frank Football-Fan is not a real person but gives your users realistic characteristics.
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