The Big Five Personality Traits in Human Resources

Is this the right candidate?
The eternal question for every HR department. Hard skills can easily be tested and accessed, but will they fit in the workplace and be productive?

Especially in unstructured workplaces or work from home situations, traits of the candidate determine the social behavior and performance.

The OCEAN model has proven again and again to allow for good predictions of future employees.
OCEAN is an acronym of the five factors personality can be measured in, often called The Big Five:Ocean - Big Five

  • Openness to experience: inventive/curious vs. consistent/cautious
  • Conscientiousness: efficient/organized vs. extravagant/careless
  • Extraversion: outgoing/energetic vs. solitary/reserved
  • Agreeableness: friendly/compassionate vs. critical/rational
  • Neuroticism: sensitive/nervous vs. resilient/confident

Research by Gallup showed that a mismatch between personality traits and role lead to a significant drop in employee engagement. As we all know, low employee engagement is critical for businesses resulting in a decrease in productivity (-21%) and profitability (-22%) while increasing the turnover by 45% (Gallup).

Knowing the personality traits of a candidate helps tremendously to find the perfect match between candidate and role.

Personality of Strangers

Accessing personality traits is, in theory, not too hard. The Big Five are researched and scientifically solid. Lots of different surveys and questionnaires can be used to assess the personality traits of a candidate.

But there are some caveats: Candidates know they are scored, leading to survey bias and giving answers the candidate thinks his future employer wants to hear.
Research has shown that people tend to answer 56% of questions differently when they re-take a personality test within two weeks, increasing the risk of biased answers.

What if… you could acquire candidates’ personality traits just by analyzing text they have written, eliminating survey bias and desirable answers?

This is exactly what Mnemonic AI can do for your Human Resources initiatives!
Our technology is based on deep learning, conversationally keyed Artificial Intelligence, or AI.
Trained on millions of datasets, Mnemonic AI can access personality traits by analyzing the written language of candidates, scoring an accuracy of 94%!

Have thousands of applicants to score? No problem, Mnemonic AI scales to every volume.

Be one of the first to experience a whole new HR success with in-depth personality trait analyses!

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