All hail the API

No matter if you work in marketing, sales, or design - Buyer Personas are a cornerstone to create products that fit your customers' needs and help you achieve great marketing and sales gains.

But let's take a step back, you have your personas created, now what?
You want everyone on your team or organization to have the same idea of your customers and speak to them in the same voice creating a seamless experience for the customers, targeted on their needs and demands.

One way is to print out the personas and hang them around the office. We even know from customers who talk to the personas to get into groove to create awesome content. We don't judge - whatever gets you there.

Dynamic Personas - Dynamic deliverables

The main challenge with this approach is, what happens when your personas change? Print out updated versions over and over again? Think of larger organizations and the numbers of personas they have in place? That is half a tree every other day.

The charm of AI-driven personas is that they change when your data changes. Let's say you work hard on customer satisfaction. Your personas show how to address this issue and the most pressing pain points of your customers. You question your organization’s internal processes, i.e., send out notifications faster, and more often, your customers appreciate it, and the satisfaction grows.
Hanging on your wall are still personas with the most significant pain point already eliminated. But does everyone know? How do you keep everyone in the loop? Perhaps send a reply-all mail to the whole team or organization?
We do not recommend reply-all in any circumstances, perhaps if the office is on fire, but even then...

There should be a better way of keeping track of your personas and customers’ development.
Besides delivering personas as PDF for reading and even printing purposes, therefore we also offer a JSON API where you can programmatically receive persona data.

persona data json

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a widely used format to interchange data in a human-readable text. The fun part is that more or less any programming or scripting language can interpret JSON. So no matter if your systems run on Python, JavaScript, PHP, Java C(and derivatives), or Ruby - You can grab your persona data and present it most fittingly for your organization, team, or project group. JSON makes it easy to display the personas on screens, internal websites, or work with the data in programs like Tableau or R.

So, what are the benefits? Keep the above example in mind. You work your socks off to reach higher customer satisfaction. Our AI-generated personas keep track of the emotions of each persona. Satisfaction rises, so do the emotions. Once you hit the threshold, your personas update, not only for you but also for everyone on the team.
Even if you need to go back and see what the last iteration was, or the tenth before, no problem, every persona iteration can be separately called and presented.