Personas in Performance Max Campaigns
Like cheating on Google Ads

Finally, Performance Max campaigns are available to all advertisers on Google Ads. This new campaign type is complementary to keyword-based campaigns.

Performance Max combines best-in-class automation technologies across bidding, targeting, creatives and attribution to help you drive growth in conversions and value. Tailor your ads in real-time to reach consumers with relevant and meaningful experiences at scaleā€“no matter what channel or device they're on.

Performance Max campaigns work over the complete inventory of Google: YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps; everything is managed from a single campaign.
Sounds promising, Google claims up to an 11% increase in Conversion Rates at the same CPA.

Cheating at Google Ads

In the Performance Max help pages, a new beta feature is hidden: Audience Signals.

Audience Signal can be a wide variety of different data points, i.e.

  • Website visitor lists
  • App user lists
  • Customer lists (for example, email and subscription lists)
  • Video viewer lists
  • Custom audience segments
  • Demographics

Even if Audience Signals are not mandatory for running Performance Max campaigns, Google strongly recommends it:
Although adding audience signals is optional, using audience signals can help you guide machine learning models on the ideal way to optimize your campaign.
So naturally, you should pay attention to the last option of Audience Signals, Interests and Detailed Demographics gives you the option to add detailed knowledge you have about your customers and use this for fast-tracking your Performance Max campaigns.
Scrolling through the available targeting options takes roughly 9 seconds without entering the second level. So how in the world are you meant to choose the relevant details from these abundant options?
Easy: This information is ready-to-use embedded in Mnemonic's personas. Add these crucial details to Audience Signals, use the AI-derived Go-Tos from your persona profiles for the ad texts, and you are all set to maximize the output of the new Performance Max campaigns.
Personas + Performance Max Campaigns + Audience Signals = It's like cheating