Our work at Mnemonic is heavily based on research. In our daily work, we try to find novel approaches to integrating the latest in neuroscience, sociology, psychology, and computer science into our data products. The Digital Twin of The Customer is a prime example of how everything comes together in a service that helps organizations of all sizes make more of their data, gain more insights, and develop better products for their customers.

Working with students has always been an essential part of what we do. The next generation of entrepreneurs, researchers, and scientists is what we can and want to count on.

In the past, we have lectured at Universities around the globe, supported novel approaches to psychological analyses, and worked with students on their Master's theses.
To continue this tradition, Phil will talk to computer science students at St. Edwards University about our research at the intersection of Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence. Students will hear how we transfer results from one discipline to the other, what challenges we face, and how we overcome them with the development of our neural networks.

The talk will be on March 25th at 5 pm at John Brooks Williams Science Center - South.
Flyer St Edwards University