ODSC virtual talk: Customer centricity, deep learning and privacy

Virtual conferences are the new normal for the forseeable future. Originally we would have hit Boston this spring to join the great ODSC East conference.
The ODSC team did a tremendous job turning the conference with over 7,000 visitors in just a few weeks into a virtual event, for both visitors and exhibitors.

Even if one is not used to doing everything virtual, we had a great time chatting away with visitors at our virtual booth and dedicated slack channels. So thanks to everyone who interacted with us in one of the virtual ways.

Besides we gave a talk on how we try to handle privacy in systems of deep learning that aim at customer centricity, no easy feat, that’s for sure.

The slides to the talk are embedded below, given perhaps a little sparse, but you still can watch the recording of our session at the ODSC website.

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