Just by looking at some personas statistics, their importance for business success is noticeable.

In many organizations, the potential for persona usage is often not fully exploited. In the following sequence of articles, we give you an overview of where, how, and why personas are used holistically.

We believe, and this applies to all following applications, the created personas should be based on data rather than assumptions to ensure their accuracy. Besides, the executive-level should ideally decide to create personas since they are crucial for almost every company division. Once distributed to everyone, it allows for a streamlined understanding and communication within the whole organization. Especially when updated frequently, changes in the market can be addressed most efficiently.

Business Strategy Personas

Personas are crucial for making fundamental business decisions. Often, the problem in large organizations is that the executive level is the farthest away from the customers. To be customer-centric and succeed in today’s fast-changing world, everyone within the company needs to understand who the customers are.

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UX Personas

UX Personas allow the design team to answer the question of "Who are we designing for?" UX personas describing the pain points, go-tos, expectations, challenges, personal characteristics, and emotions allow the team to match the process and design with the customers’ exact requirements.

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PPC Personas

Personas can be a powerful tool to enhance your PPC campaigns. Even though some platforms allow for a more detailed targeting based on persona traits, the results of using personas for PPC campaigns are often astonishing.

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Product Development Personas

These Personas allow the Product Development Team to make the right decisions from the start. Whether it is launching a new product, redesigning one, or adding new features, the personas will help the steer the process in the right direction by implementing the customers’ requirements right from the start.

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Sales Personas

Sales Personas make the business development team go, “I know that guy, and I know exactly how to convince him of our product!” Understanding the exact needs, triggers and defining a go-to strategy makes the sales process much easier and more efficient.

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Customer Service Personas

The customer service department has the closest relationship with the clients. They continue the conversation the sales team started, and therefore they must have a clear understanding of who they are dealing with.

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Content Marketing Personas

Speaking the same language and talking about the rights things is essential for a successful content marketing strategy. Having personas in place will help the marketing team to understand how, when, and where the customers should be approached.

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Competitor Personas

In today’s highly competitive market, potential clients often make their buying decisions based on minor differences in product features or client communication. Creating these personas helps organizations outmaneuver their competitors since they understand what communication or product features are required to convince them that your product might be the better fit going forward.

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Human Resource Personas

For an ideal HR marketing personas, help convey to the different applicant groups credibly why your company is the perfect employer for them. The created HR personas are primarily used to create a perfectly fitting communication. Thereby you can ensure that adequate candidates receive the right message at the right time on the right channel.

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Influencer Marketing Personas

Influencer Marketing can be a powerful tool to attract new customers. However, finding the right influencers for your brand might be challenging. Creating personas and mapping them with the potential influencers allows for better validation. Rather than finding influencers that match your brand, you should find influencers that match your personas.

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The New Normal Personas - how often should personas be updated

Let us be a bit dramatic - the World will not be the same after Covid. Company structures, jobs, personal preferences, hobbies, etc. all got massively affected by Covid 19. Companies need to adjust to the New Normal, and updating your personas right now is crucial to make the right decisions going forward.

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