Customer centricity is critical to the succss of organizations. An often cited study by the Aberdeen Group shows 75% of consumers prefer personalized offers.

In this context Account based Marketing (ABM) promises it all: largers deals, better close rates, more loyal customers.
A study by ITSMA concluded marketers, who measure ROI, say that ABM outperformes other marketing investments.

What is Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing is a strategic approach concentrating resources and efforts on a small segment of prospects and customers. More often than not revenue and sales follow the principle 20% of customers bring in 80% of revenue. ABM focuses on these profilic accounts.
Instead of running large, more or less, untargeted campaigns, marketing and sales join forces and concentrate on single accounts, tailoring whole campaigns, ad copies and messages towards these accounts.
Especially in B2B account based marketing has shown to cut long sales cycles short, increase the customer satisfaction and lead to higher sales.

Of course this comes at a cost, a pricey one. ABM tends to focus on few high profile customers and prospects. Marketing and sales team investing lots of work hours and resources on getting the message right.
Doing Account Based Marketing on scale not only needs sophisticated instruments of measurement but also large marketing and sales teams to analyze data and form hypothesises whom to target and what the message should be.
This process takes time if an organization has not build a strong and large team that can serve analyzes of multiple prospects at the same time.

ABM at scale

With artificial intelligence it is not only possible but in some ways even better to let the AI do the heavy lifting of analyzing your prospects. AI is unmatched in digging into high volume high velocity data and gathering actionable insights.
Mnemonic AI is trained to extract trigger points, interests and even needs and emotions of potential customers out of your and third party data.
Giving your high potential marketers and sales reps the time to da what they are best in: tailoring your campaigns and closing deals.