Creating buyer personas benefits all aspects of sales and marketing.

  • 171% increase in marketing generated revenue1
  • 124% increase in leads from all channels combined1
  • 46% increase in conversions1

However, the persona creation process is a huge challenge for organizations of all sizes. Below we address the most pressing problems during the persona creation process and how artificial intelligence can help you tackle these challenges and help you reduce costs and speed up your persona creation process.

Clients, products and markets are evolving
The sheer volume and velocity of the instreaming data poses a challenge for every organization, planning on building personas. Clickstream-, survey-, interview-, sales- and behavioral data, to just name a few origins of data that needs to be analyzed for personas, can swamp whole teams and put the persona creation off for a long time.

Guesswork remains the problem
Even when you follow a data driven approach, personas are rough archetypes until they are tested in the market and the performance can be measured for accuracy and success. Meaning, the personas need to be adjusted accordingly which again involves collecting and analyzing data to gain insights to make your personas better.

Updating persona challenges
Personas are only useful when they are frequently adjusted to changes in the market. Since living in a fast moving world, clients, competition and products change rapidly. Your persona for the same product might look totally different in 6 months from now. What if your potential customers switch channels? Or your competition raises the bar in marketing? On average it takes organizations between one and four years to update the personas, a timespan that is not adequate for today’s market conditions. Outdated personas inevitably lead to subpar results.

Substantial investment required
Only 44 percent of B2B marketers use personas because of the significant investment of time and cost required to develop and maintain them.

Lack of online behavior analysis
Traditional persona creation focuses on demographical data, interviews and surveys, but miss taking data of online behaviors, social media preferences and browsing habits. Most of our life’s are tied to online services and give a most accurate description of our needs, wishes and beliefs. This blind spot in persona creation neglects not only digital channels for efficient targeting but drop tons of relevant information about potential customers.

AI based persona creation
Mnemonic AI focuses on delivering and updating personas to marketers and sales representatives when and with a scope that gives them the tools to use them instantly for increasing their performance.
The high volume and velocity of data, that needs to be handled to create a persona, can not be handled or even understood by a human. Anecdotes, survey answers, hard numerical facts need to be analyzed and organized in patterns to do justice to one`s customers. Again and again, as soon as some variable changes.
With Mnemonics AI created personas, high volume and velocity of data is not a challenge. Our AI scales to large data sets, even enriches them with publicity available data sets to give the personas more depth.
Your personas stay up-to-date and relevant while our system continuously updates them. The automation removes work hours, costs and reduces time to market significantly.