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The Perfect Persona

How do you create the perfect persona?

24 Persona Stats

24 stats you need to know, if you plan on using personas!

B2B Personas

What makes B2B personas special? A comprehensive guide!

14 Persona Myths - Debunked!

14 persona myths that a hard to kill. Do not fall for these!

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B2B Personas

What is the difference between B2B personas and B2C? How do you create an use them? All questions answered in the B2B Persona Guide. Read More

Persona Creation Tools

From HIPPO to full-blown AI solutions. Which persona generation tool is the right one for you? Read More

Leveraging Universal Personal Values

Schwartz' universal personal values are a mighty add-on to your psychographic analyses of customers. Learn how to use them in your campaigns. Read More

SEO Personas

Everything you need to know about SEO personas. Research, creation, and use case examples. Bonus: Google Helpful Content Update and personas. Read More

Focus Groups: An In-Depth Exploration

Focus Groups can be a crucial part of your market research. Learn about advantages and best practices with real-world examples. Read More

Understanding the Voice of the Customer

Take a deep dive into the powerful Voice of Customer analysis and the transformative impact it can have on a business. Read More

Personas: Areas of Application

Are you using your personas to the max? Learn in which business areas you can apply your personas besides marketing. Read More

Influencer Personas

Influencer personas play a crucial role in selection and analysis of influencers. Find the best fitting influencer with ease. Read More

Competitor Personas

Creating competitors' personas is not only insightful, it helps your bottom line tremendously. Lern how to create them with a click! Read More

How to use Buyer Personas to drive Sales

Driving sales with buyer personas is easy when you know what to do. Learn how buyer personas enable a whole new world of sales and customer engagement. Read More

The Four Steps of Customer Development

Customer development is one of the essential pillars for the lean start-up methodology. Learn what part personas play! Read More