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The Perfect Persona

How do you create the perfect persona?

24 Persona Stats

24 stats you need to know, if you plan on using personas!

B2B Personas

What makes B2B personas special? A comprehensive guide!

14 Persona Myths - Debunked!

14 persona myths that a hard to kill. Do not fall for these!

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Persona images

Where do you get pictures for your personas? Mnemonic AI uses Generative Adversarial Networks for a constant flow of distincitve pictures for your personas. Read More

Emotions in Marketing and Sales

Connecting to customers on an emotional level is the key to success. Leverage emotional insights with Artificial Intelligence. Read More

Account-based Marketing at Scale

ABM promises it all: largers deals, better close rates, more loyal customers. But at a cost, a pricey one. AI can help. Read More

Persona Creation is hard work

Creating personas benefits all aspects of sales and marketing. But the creation of personas is hard work. What challenges do you face creating personas? Read More

AI is key!

Artificial Intelligence is the key to automize persona creation at Mnemonic AI. But what is it, what does it do for you? Read More

What are Personas used for in Marketing?

Marketing persona - Just a buzzword? Learn how personas benefit your outreach and. can take your marketing to a whole new level. Read More

Negative Personas

Admit it, there are folks out there you do not want as a customer. Mnemonic AI helps you build negative personas to get to know the people you do not want to market to. Read More

How long does it take to create personas?

Depending on approach and size of your organization be prepared to spent quite some time creating personas manually. Or just let AI do the heavy lifting for you. Read More

The ROI of Personas

Are personas worth the hussle? Fair question given the ammount of time and money spent on handcrafting personas. But what if you could automate the process? Read More

What are Personas?

What are personas and how do they differ from target groups? History, use cases and what they can do for you. Read More