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The Perfect Persona

How do you create the perfect persona?

24 Persona Stats

24 stats you need to know, if you plan on using personas!

B2B Personas

What makes B2B personas special? A comprehensive guide!

14 Persona Myths - Debunked!

14 persona myths that a hard to kill. Do not fall for these!

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Dynamic Personas

Personas should be nothing static, no shot and forget initiative. With the help of AI personas come to live and adapt to ever changing market conditions. Read More

Brand Personality and your Customers

Have a beer with Apple or Harley Davidson? Brand personality matters and influences customer decisions. Read More

How often should you update your personas?

Performance Max campaigns and Mnemonic's Personas: A match made in heaven. It's like cheating at Google Ads! Read More

Cheating at Google Ads

Performance Max campaigns and Mnemonic's Personas: A match made in heaven. It's like cheating at Google Ads! Read More

Brand and Product Personas

Specific terms for personas, such as marketing or buyer persona, are used interchangeably. However, one thematic delimitation is essential since the goal of the personas is different - Brand vs. Product Persona. Read More

Customer Centricity through Personas

Personas are a valuable asset to gain true customer centricity in every aspect of your business. Learn how to use them! Read More

Personas for Poduct Development

Learn how data-driven personas can assist you in your product development and addressing customers needs while developing your product. Read More

Persona Creation for large Organizations

Can personas be used for any organization type and size? The answer is yes, but the complexity varies dramatically for many reasons. Read More

14 Persona Myths - Debunked!

Don't fall for these 14 buyer persona myths! If someone tries to sell them to you: Run! Read More

Best thing happening to marketing

We all had it coming for years - don't deny it! If your marketing dies with cookies, you ignored the warnings for years. Read More

Creating Personas for Business Strategy

Develop and drive business strategy across organizations with the help of personas. From vision statement to strategic issues. Read More